Hi there. My name is Arnold. Some people call me Arni or Arnie. I’m not even sure where to begin my story. Probably it’s best to start from the age of 8 when I’ve got my very first computer. My parents bought a Pentium 1 with 166Mhz and I think it had 16MB of RAM. It’s always crazy to think back to those times when my current computer has 32GB RAM. So much progress in the last 20 years.

Anyway, back to me. When I’ve got the computer, I fell in love with it. You can imagine, a little guy gets a computer that runs games. I was non-stop playing. It started to interest me how computers are working, how to install an operating system, manage it, keep it clean, etc. When I was at 6th grade at elementary school, I bought my first ActionScript book and learned Adobe Flash (back then it was still Macromedia Flash). I was fascinated how one can build up so complicated animations and program applications. That’s when I started with programming. Then moved on to HTML, CSS, JavaScript. In the middle of high-school I learned Pascal for a few years and then in college I started with C, C++ and got to know Java.

Java was a huge stepping stone for me. I invested tons of time into learning and experimenting with Java. Bought courses, books and tried to learn from more experienced developers.

I’ve been working full-time in the software development industry since 2012. I’ve been developing applications for various areas like the financial industry, OAuth2 and OpenID compliant identity platform, IoT world and a lot more. My major expertise is in Java and the related frameworks. Spring, JUnit, TestNG, Mockito, JPA, Hibernate. Other than Java, I have a lot of experience with Kubernetes, Kibana, Ansible, Jaeger, Zipkin, Kafka, MQTT, etc. I don’t think it makes sense to write down everything cause it’ll be a huge page nobody will read. 🙂 If it’s somehow related to Java, development techniques, infrastructure, cloud, architecture, I’ll probably have experience with it.

Looking for the past couple of years, I transitioned into a team lead position. I’ve been doing that to achieve success from the team size of 5 to the size of 35. My main focus was to build up an SDLC from scratch that best suits the environment and the individuals using Scrum and Kanban. I’ve seen a wide spectrum of issues with agile methodologies and how teams are implementing them. My goal was to resolve those and make sure to emphasize individual creativity and success while putting the goals of the company in balance.

Putting my professional successes aside, I’m happily married for which we were waiting for a long time with my wife due to COVID. Fortunately we were able to connect our lives on June 19, 2021.