I help software engineers and software engineering teams to deliver value. Whether it is about methodology, the need of technical guidance, software architectural support or optimizing AWS infrastructure cost. I can help.

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Scrum/Kanban consulting

Leading an agile team is difficult. We’re all dealing with similar problems. Pressuring delivery dates. Not having sufficient amount of work in the backlog. Bouncing velocity charts. Long lead or/and cycle time. Continuous changes during the Sprint.

I get it. I’ve been working with teams for years to exploit their full potentials and I’ve seen lots and lots of issues teams are making. Hell, I’ve been leading teams myself. I know how it feels when the problems are there but you have no idea how to implement solutions.

I’m here to help. From the team’s operational level to the higher portfolio level issues I can assist you to achieve what’s best for you and your team as well as for your company.

I personally think there’s no right or wrong way to use Scrum and Kanban. Although I can safely say that the “by the book” way of doing things is not going to solve anything for you. I believe in adaptation and measuring success.

Every company is different. Every team is different. Every individual is different. Why would we use a “one size fits all” approach?

I’ll help you achieve the best possible result in your specific environment.

Java/JPA/Hibernate/Spring technical consulting

Coding has been a part of my life since I went to elementary school. It’s still one of my passions.

With my 10 years experience I can help you tackle a lot of technical problems, let it be Java, JPA or Hibernate, or Spring and its modules.

If you don’t know why something is failing in your application. If you don’t know why your database queries are slow. If you don’t know how to structure your Spring app or you’re just struggling with configuration.

I’ll be able to help and guide you to the root of your problems so you can focus on what’s most important. Delivering product value.

Software architecture

I’ve dealt with many systems throughout my career. I’ve worked in the financial industry, built an identity platform from scratch with OAuth2 and OpenID compliance, dealt with IoT systems to support millions of devices, and a lot more.

I’ve worked with monolithic applications, microservices from the number of 2 services to even 80. There are plenty of pitfalls in the designing of a microservice architecture, correctness, communication between services, message ordering, message loss, monitoring, tracing, performance, scaling, deployment and so much more.

I’ve had the opportunity to work on a huge range of aspects in software architectures, even on heterogenuous systems where the stack was consisting of Java, Scala, Node.js, Clojure with Spring Boot, Akka, Express, etc.

If you’re in doubt of your architecture or you need help with fine-tuning your existing one, or you’re on the verge of starting a transformation, feel free to reach out, I’ll do my best to support.

AWS infrastructure cost optimization

Cost is a key metric to any business. Infrastructure cost is a key metric to any software product. A lot of money could leak from badly architected infrastructures or just not using the right tools for the job.

If your applications are running in AWS and you’re not sure where your money is going. Or you just want to see if you can save some money, you’re at the right place my friend.

I’m a certified AWS Solutions Architect and I can help you reduce your AWS infrastructure cost.